Shediac “Giant Lobster” could be moved to Barrington. Irving cranes on standby.

A heated CTV poll is about to close between Shediac, New Brunswick and Barrington, Nova Scotia. Which town really is the lobster capital of the world?

It seems that both towns are running neck and neck, with little more than 200 votes difference.

Barrington, Nova Scotia boasts that 40% of all lobster caught in Canada comes from their crustacean town. Shediac, New Brunswick has a gigantic 35 tonne lobster. Tourists and locals alike come from miles around to stand on and get their photo taken. Shediac also processes most lobster throughout the Maritimes and they make a lobster roll that could feed an army.

The stakes are high because the iconic “Giant Lobster” that has resided in Shediac, could be moved.

If Barrington takes the glory on this CTV poll and they are elected as “Lobster Capital of the World”, insiders say that the famous giant lobster will be moved.

An Irving crane representative who declined to speak on camera spoke with us today.

“We have put our quote forward to move the lobster. I personally would like to see it stay in Shediac. As you know, we are a New Brunswick company. With that being said, Irving Crane will move the lobster to Barrington if it turns out Shediac loses. We can safely and quickly transport this freight to Barrington.”

When asked who was footing the bill.

“If Barrington wins they have agreed to pay the cost. The town has the means to do so and we have the equipment to make it happen.”

Time is being extended due to the recent storm and time could be extended until all those wanting to vote, can vote.

Soon we will know who will be named “Lobster Capital of the World” and who will get the giant lobster.