Sick of this

For almost 2 years Storm has been sick of this shit💩….WSICK news got wind of a 41 year old woman that is sick of everything the minute and 2 second drive to her employer that stirs the sickness in her soul,the churned bowels that Bee Gee in her lower gut area at the very thought of walking into the filthy place of business where there’s a lot of can throwing,back breaking work built for a man but only intended for humans with ovaries only!!! We sat down with this woman who only identifies as The former pimp known as “STORM” she refused to go inside due to the fact that it was 3:59 pm with 48 seconds left before she had to clock in,so this interview took place in the parking lot,in a parking space against the building where employees are not supposed to park but STORM gave no F&$@ ,she refuses to park way on the other side where she would have to walk an additional 1 minute ,it makes no sense “Why should I have to suffer walking a distance to go into a place where I’m suffering for 8-11 hours of dealing with stinky people,people who are rude,people who are under cover racist with their subliminal black jokes and who slob and lick their fingers and give me spit laced bills and make my line extra long to look for 99 cent when their s@&$ came up to $3.99 I mean who thee F&@$ does that? Says the 41 year old that is sick of this! when asked is she gonna ever go clock in she says” why should I sit in there and give them a extra minute of my presence for them to just suck a extra minute of my life from my soul I’m already sick of this😳🤬….It is now 4:00 and 46 seconds and she still has not clocked in nor removed herself from her car 🚗 that she so preciously calls the red headed pimp slut mobile when asked why she name it that she gets emotional and wet faced as she tries pushing the words out of her tiny premature lil lips”. “I named her red headed pimp slut cause I hated her from the time I laid my tired red eyes on that bish ,After sitting at a car lot for a whole effing work shift only to see that punk azz salesman role up in the wuss mobile,I mean what former pimp wants to roll in a section 8 babe punk azz avenger smh …So long story short my car is a red headed slut cause she forced herself on me and pimps me out for $485 a month forcefully cause I’m not willingly making that and happy and shit😳.let me go clock in it’s 4:00 and 59 1/2 to the pm by bishes…. And there you have it The story of Storm who is sick of this shit on WSICK news till next time.