Store on Wildwood Boardwalk Burns Down Will Not Be Reopening

Earlier this year we reported that there was a store on the Wildwood had a small electrical fire in the back break room. Although there was not any major damage done to the store, the owner Mike Kachoski Jr. has reported to Channel 23 that they will be closing down both of their two locations along the Wildwood boardwalk due to complete bankruptcy.

The store “Mike’s Toys and Collectibles” had one of Wildwoods most recognizable logos then owned by Mike Kachoski Sr. In 2008 he passed the ownership down to his son Mike Jr. Sadly Mike Jr. did not bring in as many sales as his father. He also dealt with several DUI’s and is a self-described “Lonely Loser who owns a store for other Lonely Losers”. We interviewed Mike Sr. back in July 2016 and when asked about his son he said this “The kids a 30-year-old high school dropout who is a disappointment to his entire family. The store will be bankrupt within two years.” Well, the disappointed father was correct. RIP Mike’s Toys and Collectibles.