On January 14, 1990, a rain of murders fell down on the small town of harmony. The murders continued all the way up until 2010 when they mysteriously stopped. Detective Joshua Manson was assigned the case in 1991. They had zero leads and barely any evidence that pointed in the direction of the killer. On October 7th the case had gone cold until, December of 1992 when 3 girls were found dead 5 days apart. The only thing authorities knew, was that the killer was targeting people with phobias. That’s when the nickname found its way around, they started calling the menace killerophobia or killer of phobias. In 1993 a boy, age 9 was found in the darkest part of the woods. His phobia was darkness. Another boy was found 6 days later dressed as a clown. The once happy and bright town was now a dark and dreadful place. It’s been 29 years and the killer is still not caught. The only thing police had of the killer was his diary which was found in 2009 when killerophobia claimed his last victim. The diary contained all the dark details of each death, each more gruesome than the other. The contents, however, are classified, but some say you can find the pages on the deep web.