53 Year Old Father Dies at Long Island Mall

53-year old father, Robert Russel, father of two, passes out and dies in Walt Whitman Mall, located in South Huntington, New York. His daughter, Chloe, 15, who he was with, says he has been fighting cancer for years. He was off his cancer pills for months due to the constant withdrawing from them. His wife, Janina, is heartbroken, as well as daughter Chloe (15) and son Eeky (11). Located in front of Toys R Us, Channel 23 news investigators looked first hand to see if Toys R Us had anything to do with this death. Michael Chinesehat, Investigator for the FBI, found 26.7 kilos of crack cocaine behind a gift wrapping station. The owner of this location, who asked for his name to not be included, says it belongs to “chlo-chlo-the-ho-ho”, but he was probably too cracked out. Rest in Peace, Robert.

Family Notes-

Janina (wife)- Robert was my life. He may have abused me 15-20 years ago but since his cancer, he has been to weak to. Rest in Peace Bobby.

Eeky (son)- Bye Daaad. I’ll be stealing your f**king “Juul”™️ pods when you go in the ground. That’s why you have cancer in the first place, you hag.

Chloe (daughter)- F**k you Dad, all you ever did was spit on me. And guess what News 23? He didn’t lose his cancer pills, I stole them. Yeah f**k you dad, I stole them. Suck my d**k you old piece of sh*t. F**k you as***le. Hope you rot in the ground. (Gunna keep stealing your sh*t, dumb**s.