Breaking News Alert: Easter Bunny Dead, Possible DUI Suspect held For Questioning

Tragedy struck early this morning just outside Metropolis as the The Easter Bunny was found on State Road 2 deceased. Drexel County and State Highway Patrol authorities were called to the scene around 5 a.m. where SR 2 meets Watson Highway to discover the Easter Bunny, Peter Cottontail, had been hit and killed while hopping along the roadside.

One witness, Marty Travers, said he was traveling southbound on SR 2 when he saw a red SUV veer into oncoming traffic, over-correct, and skid across the highway, striking and killing Cottontail instantly. Baskets and candy were scattered for nearly 50 yards beyond where the collision took place. State Highway Patrol investigators were still at the scene gathering evidence and an anomymous source with the Patrol informed Channel 23 that the driver of the SUV was being held for suspicion of DUI.

“Several bottles of whiskey and empty cartons of egg nog were found on the floorboard of the SUV by Troopers”, the source told Channel 23 news. The license plate of the SUV, “NRTHPL1”, was placed behind the Patrol station on Belcher Parkway. Substantial damage was seen on the passenger side front of the SUV. State Highway Patrol officials have not released the name of the suspect due to the ongoing investigation.

Several calls to the Cottontail residence have gone unanswered and a family spokesperson has asked for respect and prayers. The spokesperson also informed Channel 23 that Cottontail was out making deliveries for the Easter Holiday when the tragic incident occurred. Stay with Channel 23 News as more information about this tragic incident becomes available.

Reported by: Amanda Huggenkiss, Drexel Times-Picayune journalist