Canucks General Manager accused of Sexual Assault

Today another woman came forward to accuse Vancouver Canucks GM Jim Benning of allegedly raping her and causing her emotional distress in a civil suit asking for $10 million in damages.

Attorney Albert Douglas Mastroianni filed the lawsuit in Vancouver Superior Court on behalf of his client who wanted to remain anonymous as “Jane Doe.”

In the suit, the former Victoria resident said that she recently moved to Vancouver with her elementary school-aged son, who was a fan of the Canucks franchise.

In her statement Jane Doe said that after she took her son to a Vancouver home game, Benning noticed them in the crowd and invited them backstage to meet staff and players.

After the meet-and-greet she dropped her son at home with a babysitter and he allegedly invited Jane Doe to an after party at a Vancouver-based night club who wishes not to be named.

Benning then allegedly tricked her into coming to his hotel room at the Rosewood Hotel by saying that he had to retrieve an item there and invited her.

Despite her reluctance, Benning allegedly said he was not interested in a sexual relationship with her because he was married.

Once in the room, Benning allegedly locked the door shut behind her and said, “I am going to f–k you or I’m going to f–k your son. You decide.”

Jane Doe said she was shocked and felt threatened by Benning and what he could do to her son and alleged that he threw her on the bed and raped her.

In the suit filed by Mastroianni, at least one person witnessed the alleged victim leave the hotel room in tears and Jane Doe told several people about the assault at the time that it happened.

The suit said, “Jane Doe did not consent to any sexual contact with Benning” and that his “conduct was malicious and oppressive, justifying an award.”