Congress Votes for War?

In a late night vote on March 29th the United States congress passed a bill legalizing all military action in the west pacific more specifically the area of North Korea. This comes after a shocking tweet from president Trump saying “ Those Damn koreans don’t know what’s coming for them. DONT THREATEN!!” This is also issued for a recall of all veterans who’ve retired in the 2013-2016 years saying they will serve as combat and informational leaders if there rank and retirement purposes suits it if not they will serve as there previous position. There will be a full military draft and all young Men and Women between the ages 18-25 must sign up if not face legalized action of 8 years in prison and a 100,000$ fine. This could be the start of a Third World War with China saying if America makes the first move they will side with North Korea and Russia remaining neutral but surprisingly Germany and France have decided to side with North Korea breaking the Untied Nations Peace treaty. Britain along with Belgium,Sweden and Australia have decided to side with the Untied States on this matter but nothing is yet official. Poland has decided to mobilize large amounts of troops the the North Korean waters and Russia once again seems to be moving in on the German border and Germany looks to move troops through Belgium and France to get to the east coast of the Untied States, Russia has also decided to move troops to the see Bridge in Alaska that and more to know in the coming days.