Hadleys Come Home

W.W. Hadley 4th and W.W. Hadley 5th come back to the United States after 19 years abroad. The rarely sighted Hadleys were spotted taking a car to their house in North New York on Tuesday April 17th.
W.W. Hadley 4th is the son of the former CFO of Berkshire Hathaway. His daughter W.W. Hadley 5th is set to inherit a quarter of a billion dollars as she is the only heir to the Hadley estate.
The Hadleys haven’t been seen in the United States since the death of Juliette Hadley, mother of Hadley 5th. It was a sad day as Juliette died during complications in childbirth.
Now the young Hadley is 19. Though there has been little to no social media activity, people closest to the family say that the young heiress is ready to spread her wings and explore what this world has to offer without her father looking over her shoulder. She plans on attending college in the fall, though sources haven’t yet stated which college she will go to.
The Hadley family is perhaps the most mysterious family being mostly a social media free family, loyal staff, and no public appearances. Though what vexes most who know the family the best, is what does the W.W. stand for? All we do know is New York is a little brighter with the Hadleys back home.