Largest Private Ambualnce Service in NYS Will Close Its Doors June 1st

The largest private ambulance service in New York State, Senior Care EMS announced yesterday they will be closing their doors on June 1, 2018 after faithfully serving the tri-state region for 10+ years. CEO Michael Vatch refused to take questions from reporters outsider state of the art headquarters in the Bronx. A source familiar with the situation stated that years of mismanagement and catastrophic lawsuits resulting from a few high-profile deadly accidents finally caught up with the company.This move is potentially catastrophic as Senior Care provides transport and emergency medical services to hundreds of facilities in the tri-state region. Senior Care employees close to 1000 employees most of which will potentially be unemployed come June. For other large private ambulance companies in the area will be meeting in the coming weeks to try and systematically distribute senior Care’s hundreds of facility contracts. More information will be published when he comes available to channel 23