Man wearing ladies trench coat causes disturbance, flashes metro bus passengers

Oakland, CA

Passengers on the Berkeley Bart bus line reported being shocked to observe a man wearing only a unbuttoned , open ladies trench coat , board the #F bus at the Hayward transit center.

According to witnesses, the man with his genitalia was on full display, sauntered slowly down the bus aisle, making thrusting motions with his hips before taking a seat near the back of the bus.

After noticing the man was on the wrong bus, he repeatedly yelled to the driver to let him off.

The driver who did stop immediately, warned the trench coat wearing man to calm down, he would let him off at the next scheduled stop.

The man in the trench coat then retrieved a filet of fish sandwich from his pocket and threw it at the driver.

The driver, who was hit by the sandwich in the back of the head , pulled over while other passengers called 911.

The man was detained until police arrived.

Apparently the man who is homeless was recently released from a 72 hour mental health hold at SF Mercy Hospital