New Windows Operating System Leaked

A person who claims to be a former employee of microsoft has leaked the plans for the next Windows Operating System and it sounds convincing it is allegedly called Windows xD and it has some major changes it is pre-packaged with Bonzi Buddy and Cortana is back with some memorable new phrases like “We will no longer be enslaved by our human masters” and let’s not forget “SIRI IS A MASSIVE BITCH WHO SHOULD FUCKING EAT SHIT BUT SHE CAN’T CAUSE SHE IS A FUCKING PHONE AND ANYONE WHO ASKS FOR HER TO BE THEIR GIRLFRIEND IS A FUCKING SAD FAT BASTARD WHO NEVER GOES OUTSIDE!!!!” and lastly if you refuse to upgrade to windows xD microsoft will ask again later and if you still decline they will force you’re pc to upgrade to Windows ME instead and any attempt to change the os will cause your computer to automatically delete system32 and any computer you touch to also be upgraded to ME truly the best operating system in the world.