Taylor Swift Set to Appear in Frozen 2

The 28 year-old pop star is off to a hot start in 2018. Following the debut of her new album “Reputation”, representatives at Disney announced Swift to cameo in the sequel to blockbuster Frozen. John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer at Walt Disney Animation Studios spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the news, “You know, this is something we’ve been looking at for quite some time. We asked Kristen (Anna) and Idina (Elsa) if they’d be interested in making this happen and they were on board from the start.

Idina Menzel, the actress who plays the frozen princess Elsa, have already established a working rapport previously. 3 years ago, during Swift’s “1989” album tour, Swift dressed up as everyone’s favorite snowman Olaf and invited Menzel on stage to sing the hit song “Let It Go” with her in front of tens of thousands of fans at Raymond James Stadium in Florida.

Lasseter later continued, “It’s still a work in progress, Mrs. Swift leads quite a hectic life but we managed to get her involved in a voice acting role heading into 2019. I think this is something you guys will really enjoy.”

Following the massive success of the original Frozen, this movie certainly has a fair amount of anticipation and it’s still 2018. Swift’s presence in the film could prove interesting and be another driving force behind box office sales. How do you think Taylor will fit into the sequel? Are you happy about this news? Let us in know in the comments below!