“Two Girls Are Killed At The Sight Of 5SOS: Members Are Being Questioned”

Two 14-year-old girls were dropped dead at a 5 Seconds Of Summer meet and greet. Sources tell us that the two girls bought tickets for their “Friendiversary Eve” and upon arrival received personal meet and greet tickets. The girls, Veronica “Bucko” McAllister and Haley “Doodle” McCullough describe themselves as “Hardcore 5SOS Stans” whatever that means. Apparently they were “married” to the two boys and referred to themselves as “Veronica Hemmings” and “Haley Hood”. We caught up with a close friend of theirs, Amy Au after the concert here’s what she had to say:

Au: “We had our whole lives planned out. I was going to be the video editor, Haley was going to be the hairstylist and Veronica was gonna be the vocalist…they were gone too soon, too soon”

We also got a hold of another close friends of the fans Margarita Lambardakis.

Lambardakis: “They were kinda weird. Always talking about 5SOS in homeroom. They always talked about a band they were going to make called “Two Lukewarm Betches” but I guess that will never happen now…It’s really ashame that the world will never be blessed with Haley’s gorgeous voice.”

The members of 5 Seconds of Summer claim to have had no prior contact with the fans before the incident, but when investigators searched their phones they found some pretty creepy Direct Messages from the girls. They members comments were as follows:

Luke: “The short one just took one look at me and fell backwards, she was super hot though”

Calum: “Yes, then her friend kept trying to hold her up and saying, she’s fine she’s fine. After she slapped her across the face a few times I think she realized where she was and just kinda collapsed.”

Ashton: “After the other on collapsed we knew there was something wrong so Cal ran over and tried to help the tall girl. I think she regained consciousness for a second because I heard a high pitched scream. I’m pretty sure she looked into Calum’s eyes and passed our again.”

Calum: “She did. We made eye contact and then all hell broke loose.”

Luke: “When I carried the short one out of the room she started to regain consciousness for a few seconds, but I don’t think that her body could handle the thought of me touching her because that’s when she blacked out again.”

Michael: “It was truly the craziest experience in the hospital. The fans were in the same room, still unconscious, and we decided since they didn’t make it to the concert we should sing them a song. I had my guitar with me so we began singing the acoustic version of Want You Back and then they just simultaneously flatlined.”

When asked about the “marriages” the boys responded:

Calum: “I knew she looked familiar!!”

Luke: “There’s no way, that girl was so hot. I’m just lukewarm.”

We will keep you updated on the outcome of the story.