Two Port Orange men assaulted at party

Two Port Orange men were assaulted Sunday evening at a party they attended after work. The two men as well as several other party-goers , all work together at popular restaurant / bar ,”The First Turn”.
Authorities are withholding the names of the victims and witnesses at this time but Channel 23 news reporter Lance Boil, was able to question one of the party goers.
“All we wanted to do was enjoy ourselves and have a few beers after a hard day at work, but these two guys seem to think they are some kind of rock stars! Every single time we try to have a simple gathering, they feel the need to shove their music down our throats! Honestly it wouldn’t be so bad just a couple guys Jammin on some guitar and keyboard or something, but the only freaking song that they know is Layla by Eric Clapton and they play it for hours on end!!”
The witness went on to say that a few of the partygoers had finally snapped and lit the dreadlocks of one of the men on fire, while the others started to destroy the guitar and other instruments over the other gentlemen’s back.
The injuries sustained by both gentleman were minor and neither was admitted for emergency care. There have been no charges filed as of yet but the police are still investigating. Channel 23 News will keep you updated on this story