Young adult savagely ran through the backyard of a neighborhood nude

On the evening of May 26th, there were multiple calls due to a disturbance in a neighborhood in the middle of Downtown Silver Spring MD. Police were told from a caller that they saw a young male running rampid through his and his neighbors backyards completely nude. It was around 7:53 that the first call took place and the caller said that the male suspect was laughing as he savagely destroyed the peace of others and the eyes of adults and kids who witnessed this horrific event. Some said they heard his balls clapping as he zoomed past the houses. Penis flying everywhere with no regrets as he seemed to enjoy it witnesses said because he was โ€œlaughing like a villainโ€. Other witnesses told police that he would shake his genitals and then continue sprinting. He started to sing jingle bell rocks while he shook his balls in a circle, one of the other callers told police. Please keep an eye out for the ball clapping backyard disturber.