All Missouri Teachers Set to Receive State-Regulated Raise

Brought on by recent Teacher Walk-Outs in Kentucky, Oklahoma, and more recently, Arizona, the state of Missouri is taking a pro-active stance. All teachers currently employed in the state of Missouri who will be employed in a Missouri public school for the 2018-19 school year can expect a significant raise in salary.
According to top Missouri officials, this move is being made to send a message to teachers that they are “valued and vital to the future success of our state. Kids are the future and we must make sure all students receive the same quality education no matter where they are attending school. That is why we are going to implement regulated pay and regular raises throughout every Missouri school.”
Hopefully Missouri officials are putting this measure in place at the right time. There is concern with lawmakers that the state of Missouri may not actually have the funds to completely fulfill this plan. However, other lawmakers have already offered up a substantial cut in their own salary to make up the difference.