Carrollton mo award for fastest decline in mo history

Carrollton mo mayor will be receiving the latest award for fastest decline of everything in August. Carrollton mo has suffered a major lose of jobs, road improvements, new business over the past decade. A few fields did see a large raise of growth and also helped in the decline, such as a large police force with a huge budget and steady increase of drugs and child molestation. Carrollton has made sure to not repair any streets to help insure not to break the speed limit and is working considering that most gravel roads are smoother. Power lines that were new in the 30s and burn down a few houses a year, this helps having to tear down the broke down homes. A huge revenue for traffic stops and very unclear of area of jurisdiction allows officers to stop motorists in the city and beyond making a huge pile of revenue. A huge decline in the school system filled misconduct and poor standards of education, unless you are in the city group of friends. The biggest factor that help the mayor achieve the award is being able to get a large group of people to back him at any time regardless of how ridiculous the matter, therefore allowing the largest group of people ( sheep) in the state. Carrollton is hopefull to being just as small as Bogard within the next 10 years and is well on track. Keep posted on the rapid rates here or drive over yourself and receive a warm welcome from on of the revenue collectors, just remember to have your car alignment done after leaving to correct the damage. More updates coming next year.