Gustavo petro: “Vamos a legalizar, poligamia ,el porte libre de armas, y el narcotráfico”

Colombian presidential hopefully and Marxist Gustavo petro, states that he intends to legalize drug trafficking, pardon all drug traffickers, end extradition to The United States, polygamy, expel all American diplomats, and make a Colombian right to bear arms. He also decried Washington as the “imperialist big foot,” vowing to fight them at any chance. During a rally in bogota earlier this week he talked to former farc heads and vowed to deputize the ELN rebels as the new military, and pardon alias “gaucho.” “ el se merece el perdón de nosotros, no hizo nada malo.” Another one of his plans is to prosecute Uribe and his kleptocratic gang of murderers. He also invited North Korea to establish an embassy in bogota, and called them revolutionary comrades. His speech was filled with pot, and sexual workers having sex during his rallies. Another on of his promises is “vamos a legalizar el seco en publico!”, “ y también vamos a tener clases en la escuela sobre la filosofía de Marx.” More to come….