J.R. Blaine Tyler Jr

17 year old J.R. Blaine Tyler Jr was charged with 2nd degree attempted Murder on October 8th 2012 around 9:30-10:00 pm him and 20 year old kernel patterson were both seen committing the crime by several people Tyler was arrested October 21 2012 around 12:30 am Patterson was arrested on 0ctober 10 2017 around 7:00pm when police officers asked Tyler do he know or have anything to do with the crime he said no Patterson said he has nothing to do with the Crime either the victim who they shot twice in the neck was 23 year old Jamarcus smith aka lil smooth when police started looking for Tyler people were saying he calls himself Tylerboy 400 when we looked up 400 in the system results came back saying that 400 is a Eastside blood gang carried to Columbia by 32 year old Jamel rite 400 has been labeled in the system as one of the 2nd most dangerous gangs in South Carolina this is all for Mr Tyler and Patterson