Man arrested on the murder on his own Flesh and Blood

Carl Samuels, 37, from Partridge Way, Duffryn in South Wales has been arrested for 9 years on the murder of his older brother, Mark Samuel. Carl, claiming that “no ones helping “ with his brothers’ mental illness clearly “lost the plot earlier on” – said local neighbour and whiteness Shane. Mark, an ex drug addict continued to get taxi’s to Carl’s house, and try and intimidate his kids by demanding and begging for money, but this afternoon was the last time he will ever say “lend me a fiver for being here”. Carl, on his own Facebook Livestream! was seen by Beech Grove Street – famous street where Proffessinal Body Bulider Brooklyn Gibbons part time lives, was seen “choke slamming” his brother viscioulsy to the ground, so hard that even Carl’s hairband fell off his pineapple top. He then strangled his brother to death, screaming repeatedly “you don’t wanna change!” This gruesome video lasted around 8 minutes while Carl’s girlfriend Tracy Byron Filmed it- she herself was also convinced for 5 years. the Video cut off seconds after Mark was “blue” skinned on the floor, and not breathing. Carl screamed at his wife to be “cut it off so the peeps don’t see it”
May Mark Samuels rest in peace