Sam Is The New Mel… Cancelled after only one episode

The much anticipated airing of “Sam Is The New Mel” was touted to be 2018s Hottest show. The shows synopsis being a 31 Year old Girl from the Drui’ (sic) making it big in the fast-pace and cutthroat office of a gambling companies administration. Lead actress Samantha Patridge caught up with us at ‘Late with Conor k.’

~Conor: “With so many greats from Australia inspiring future talent, who has been your inspiration Sam? The Hemsworths, Nicole Kidman, Grant Denyer perhaps?”

~Sam: “To be compared with Australians of that prestige is such an honour.”

~Conor: “But I didn’t….”

~Sam: “As i was saying it would have had to been, Adam Sandler in particular his performance in Jack and Jill (2011). The ability to portray such a diverse character mix and remian funny, has really made me who I am today.”

Mrs Partridge relatively new to the seen, was described by her co-stars with a an array of descriptions. Mr Nassif who sat down with me after a 16 hour work shift explained the character of Mel was gonna be introduced in Season 2. Mel with 2 Logies to her name was gonna relieve the character of Sam of the protagonist role. Mr Nassif was visible briefly on the shows first episode one with funny man ‘Clinton’ getting up to hijinks. The two are famous for ruining their chances for a possible own show bak in 2016 where according to Jimmy they called the 5 standing NBC exec’s, “a board of directors filthy grubs” after a pay dispute.

‘Sam Is The New Mel’ aired on Tuesday AEST, with a crowd of multiples intially watching. Using data from the Nielsen TV data capturing service; fans allegedly did not like the uncontrollable nature of the Character Sam. Claiming she was having an episode within an episode meanwhile NYTimes critical TV reviewer Omar suggesting the reason for the show being cancelled was her provocative and often slack treatment to the Office Hunk who was trying to do his IDV’s. The IDV spunk was left off the credits due to an alleged money dispute between the shows characters “Michelle” and lead character “Sam”. However it is rumoured the IDV boy has returned to his previous position working as a ‘refreshment organizer’ on FOX Sitcom “The Cosby Show”

The now-cancelled scripted comedy was touted to be the next “Office” with Sam being played by herself seen as a Micheal of Dunder Mifflin. However, her antics and the ultimate cancelling of her show on the passing Tuesday has undoubtedly removed any foreseeable chance of Mrs Partridge gaining a lead in any future shows. Leaving many Sitcoms fans praying the rumours regarding an 8th season return of Hit-Show “Parks and Roz” are true.