Sentry Wins Bid to Install Brand New Warning Sirens in Kosciusko County

Sentry Siren has recently won the bid to install an advanced outdoor warning siren system in Kosciusko County. The county recognized Sentry Siren in a press conference on Friday.

Sentry Siren is a private warning siren manufacturing company that specializes in omnidirectional outdoor warning sirens. The company was founded in 1905 as Sterling Siren and Fire Alarms. It was headquartered in Rochester, New York, until 1976 when the company moved to Canon City, Colorado. After the move, the company was renamed Sentry Siren. Ever since the move to Colorado, the company has focused on outdoor warning sirens.

The county and the City of Warsaw recognized Sentry Siren as “an underrated siren company that produces quality sirens that have proven to be effective”.

The installation of the sirens will begin this coming Wednesday. The sirens will be installed all over the county, including rural areas. This is to make sure that the entire county is able to hear the sirens go off during tornado and flash flood warnings.