Student Suspended for Pretending to Be Transgender!

Officials at Lee Ridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia, were alarmed by a student’s indecent behavior after multiple reports from students and parents lodged complaints and reported the “immoral behavior” to school administrators.

The transgender male student was recently allowed to use all the girl’s bathroom facilities in the school, as well as have access to the girl’s locker rooms, after he claimed that he was transitioning to be a biological female.

After just a few weeks of having access to the locker rooms, the reports began to come in. According to several students, the transgender male was heard bragging to his friends saying, “That was so easy. All I have to do is paint my nails, wear a wig and a skirt, and I get to watch you beautiful ladies shower!” Some students even reported being inappropriately touched by the transgender male student.

“He told me that I needed to take off my top and pants and get in the shower with him. Then he came over to me and touched me on my chest,” one student admitted.

Several students feel that he is a “Sexual predator,” and makes them feel like “They do not have a choice but to do what he wants.” One parent claims that her daughter even received threats from male student. She reported him saying, “If you don’t let me watch you shower, I will tell the school officials that I am being bullied by you just because of my gender identity,” and “I will post on social media that I am being harassed and not accepted by any of you. The world will hate you and side with a poor, bullied, transgender student!” Other students also referenced the male saying, “I can make the world hate you with just one post to my social media accounts.” The transgender male even referenced the ongoing transgender bathroom issue with Target and how even the superstore is for “inclusivity.”

“Times are changing and people will automatically side with me,” another parent reported the transgender male saying to her daughter.

The Ashburn County Sheriff’s Department has opened a formal investigation into the allegations against the transgender male student, who has currently been suspended indefinitely from Ashburn High School, and is temporarily not allowed to enter the school grounds or contact any of the students involved in the allegations against him.