BREAKING: Silent Benefactor Saves News Media Outlet From Bankruptcy

NFT HQ: Lake Como, PA

After 11 months of uncertainty the New Fake Times, an embattled yet trusted online publication headquartered in Pennsylvania, is finally back up and running.

The announcement comes as a surprise to media critics, many of whom expected the paper to remain out of business after the sudden departure of former Chief Marketing Officer David Hoffman. Not surprisingly, Paige Godfrey, who coincidentally is also from Atlanta, has stepped into the role on an interim basis.

The cost to get the paper back into circulation, which independent research analyst Jayme David anticipates will come at a clip of $3,200 per person, would not have been possible without what NFT lawyers have called a “total debt bailout”.

“Employees went 5 months without collecting a salary” said Lead Editor Ian Kandel. “Not a lot of people know this, but there was a deal on the table to break up the New Fake Times’ printing press locations and sell it’s assets off to NBC. In the end it wasn’t the writers that fought- it was the readers.”

Now firmly cemented as a reputable source for hard hitting and honest reporting, the media company has leaned forward into a new slogan “It’s Our Turn.”

Though the controversial news corp is up and running, all is not well at 661 Rose Hill. Insider reports from as recent as yesterday claim a growing list of health code violations including a pack of “wild dogs roaming the main office” as well as a baby that vomited in the cafeteria.

This is a developing story.