Calexico budget woes

Calexico, Ca

Calexico is in yet another financial hardship and asking citizens to pay more for water, sewage and ambulance service. Don’t be worried, however, Mayor Maritza Hurtado doesn’t seem concerned.

The mayor was recently spotted in the resort city of Cancun with Juanita Salas. Salas, the recently defunct IID board member who was voted out of office appeared in a picture with Hurtado in Cancun. Both Hurtado and Salas checked into Cancun via Facebook profiles.

“The City is not charging for proper sewage, water or ambulance service”, said Hurtado over the telephone from Cancun. “Think about it, if you want to brush your teeth, you need water. If you want to flush the toilet you need water. If you want to take a shower you need water.”, said Hurtado. “Why do you think we’re here in Cancun”, asked Hurtado. “Juanita and I are here in Cancun because we want proper services we can’t find in Calexico. Do you know how many piña coladas we’ve had since we’ve been here.”, asked Hurtado.

“We came to Cancun because I ran a hard campaign.”, said Salas over the telephone from Cancun. “We are relaxing in the Mexican beaches where the air is clean and the water is plentiful, unlike Calexico, where the air is dirty and the water smells bad.”, added Salas.

“Asi vino el sandwich.”, claimed German Duran. “Yeah they’re in Cancun enjoying the weather and nice clear beaches, but what about the city without a mayor during this tough economic crisis looming over the city?”, asked Duran. “The sandwich maker and the Cards of Destiny don’t rest while you spend your time away from the city you swore to serve”, added Duran.

“Look we’re getting the job done without Maritza.”, said Mandys Armando Real. “We may not have cabana boys at our beckoning call and piña coladas by our side but I can make a mean Agua de Horchata and Agua de Jamaica.” added Real.

“We don’t have water to make Aguas.”, said City Manager Dale. “Mandy is talking like if we had water for everyone to make aguas and we don’t. We need the citizens to cut their water use and drink sodas and milk.”, added Dale. “Now is the time for everyone to do their part in this water crisis and drink milk.”, added Dale.