Denis soto : Beware The Den

Linea robbie here and I’m back in meriden ct they don’t call it the dirty den for nothing but this story is different instead of chronic masturbation today we are here to speak upon denis soto
We met up with denis at washington park where he was playing tennis and just wow the view is stunning I’ve never seen someone that thick. We all have our needs i instantly give him my number and he accepts it. he gasps and asked “lemme your ass” and i just sit back and think about kiddsavage124 <3

Me: So denis tell me about ur childhood
Den: well Linda i had a normal childhood like all of us did i mowed lawns made some friends protected the den but sometimes i think that's not enough
Me: who's ur favorite rapper
Den: well my dad Mr soto had some mean farts to be honest
Me: can we meet him ?
Den: no he passed away sadly
Me: omg I'm sorry for your lost
Den: don't be sorry he ate my last twinkie

Next question-
I heard ur enrolling ur self as a president
Den: i mean yeah who else is gonna eat trumps hairy tupae ass?
Me: fair enough
Why should people vote u as a merden legend ?
Den: i chill with other legends like the chronic masturbator bobby delvalle and the 2k addict angel
Me: eww angel rivera ?
Den: yes shaking my head
Before we leave what's ur Style ?
Den: i wear shaqs

Bobby walk in*
Yo linda mind if i-
Whips out cock starts suicidaly jerks it

Den: why u should vote for me ? I'll lower the sex rate and higher the jack rate