Space junk set to crash to earth in Hampshire

Space debris from the decommisioned ND21 Solar Sensor satellite is set to plummet to earth on 26th June 2018.
The 104kg UK built unit will reach a maximum velocity of 880km/h as it smashes into the ground at 23:37BST.
A site near Eastleigh in Hampshire has been chosen to cause the minimal chance of human injuries and as little disturbance as possible. The impact zone has been calculated to within a 500m radius with 95% accuracy.
Derek Murphy from UKSAA says “Although we can’t totally rule out fatalities, there is generally no need for alarm from the public, we are conducting these re-entries on a frequent basis with a high success rate.”
The exact location will be 50.976105-1.248632 which is a small water mass in Lower Upham.