The Wheels of Justice

Calexico, Ca

A political fight in a small rural town near the Mexico border has many people running for the border. “Every year we have politicians who are voted off the island”, explained one Calexico Councilwoman who asked not to be named on condition of anonymity. “This year, the voters either voted people off the island or kept people from joining the political elite that I endorsed. Every single person who showed their face in public with me was either voted off or kept from winning”, said the Councilwoman.

“It’s the cards of destiny”, said German Duran. “Don’t fight it, invite it”, continued Duran. “Whomever this mysterious Calexico Councilwoman is should know the cards of destiny have been dealt and the sandwich maker has baked his bread”, said Duran.

When asked if the “Dealer” and the “Sandwich Maker” have combined forces, Duran explained, “the forces that be are not in position to make their comments public. When the cards have been dealt and the bread baked, there is no stopping the “wheels of Justice”, continued Duran.

When asked to explain the “wheels of justice”, Duran explained, “how else do you think the sandwhiches are transported than by the “wheels of justice”.