Thousands March on Indianapolis to Legalize Marijuana

A rally planned by an online advocate group,, was the high point of the day as thousands marched in Indianapolis demanding the legalization of marijuana in Indiana.

The peaceful event brought business to local retailers, restaurants and hotels while educating many about the many benefits of cannabis.

“There are so many reasons why Indiana should legalize. Hoosiers deserve to have the option to legally use marijuana medicinally and recreationally” said Barbara Green-Bush, who suffers from chronic pain but is able to manage her pain better and safer with cannabis.

“The crowd started to form sometime after 4:20 pm and we had a line of customers around the block. We sold out of everything and made alot of people happy. Everyone was smiling!” said Ken Abbis, owner of a local bakery.

Mary Jane was the featured speaker that enlightened the masses as she gave her smoking speech. She emphasized the medical benefits as well as the economic and social benefits that legalization will bring to the state.

The above fictional story hasn’t actually happen YET. This is what HOOSIERS need to do to help get LEGALIZATION in Indiana anytime soon.
Would you join us ?

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