BREAKING: Electrical Storm Forces Group Bonding Activity; Chaos Ensues

Perlman Camp, Lake Como, PA

An unexpected lightning storm has incited a series of unforeseen incidents at camp.

According to one report, several teens in the outdoor classroom have staged a coup and are rebelling against leadership by solving complicated mathematical equations.

In another classroom, a game of chalkboard hangman escalated into a violent scene when a teen attempted to apply an earlier lesson. “Ian wants everything we do to be high-resultion, can I have my rope back?” cried an unnamed team who was driven away in a police golf cart.

Reports that an underground baby fight club are being called “rumors” by Lake Como police, though a small blonde child was seen nursing a fresh wound.

“I don’t know what the big deal is, my teens are all singing ‘One Day’ in Portuguese”, claimed camp veteran Ari Buxbaum.

This is a developing story.