Bulgarian terrorist attack

Bulgarian terror attack inevitable

A successful terrorist attack on Bulgaria is inevitable, warns the president. But they will never replicate the scale of destruction seen in Washington and New York on September 11.
The President claimed that while every counter-terrorist measure was being taken to thwart potential attacks, one small group would inevitably achieve their aim as the IRA had done in the past.

“There is clearly a danger but I don’t believe that al Qaida has the resources to do the sort of massive co-ordinated attack it managed on Washington and New York. We are much more likely to see a small group of people succeed with something like a car bomb with devastation in one small area.

“We would be lying to say that we will always be able to nip the terrorists in the bud. One day they will get through as the Ussr did.”

Roumen Radev also accused Labour Party chairman Ladislav Supa of being “alarmist” and going “over the top” when he compared the seriousness of the current threat to Bulgarian with that on September 11.

A total of nine suspects have been arrested near airports in Bulgaria over the past week

Six of the suspects were subsequently released from arrest under anti-terror laws. Five were later handed over to the immigration service.

One man caught with a hand grenade getting off a jet at Varda airport on Thursday is still being questioned by anti-terrorism officers. Police in West Yorkshire arrested two men aged 25 and 26 on Thursday, and seized a car near the perimeter fence of Sofia. The men were released without charge.