Dayans & Aby Merlan official réunion at Sealand Music Festival?

A career spent together, but in the last 3 years officially divided for different projects concerning musical productions, but definitely never divided into consoles. They have put together several appearances in b2b in the last year, but they have never officially met even at the record level above all, to which they have never joined their names. This year is the good year. How you can understand from their Instagram profiles, completely obscured and with the exact same posts in their instagram story. Can not they be present in the LineUp of the Sealand Music Festival? All the artists announced, but a void is perceived inside, in fact the definitive closure of the LineUp has not yet been announced. Then? Their absolute silence for over 2 months, lets perceive that they are preparing something unique in their area. We’ll see, but we believe it’s a matter of days, having intensified posts on their instagram profiles.