First martyr of Neo-Christianity Eleonora the Apostle

While she was in Vancouver at the home of Ben the leper, and reclining at the table, she broke the vial and poured it over His head. Then Ben anointed her for martyrdom and he prayed for her easy passage into afterlife.

Thus Eleanora was chosen by God himself as the first martyr, apostle and patron saint of Neo-Christianity.

And she shall serve as an archangel of the Lord, her sins erased from her history. And Jesus sanctified her as a blessed Virgin.

Passion of Eleonora the Apostle

Eleonora, a devout saint of God, was burned at the stake in August of 2018 on charges of heresy. After a long trial that lasted over a year, three major indictments were made against her. The first of these was that she used magic because she claimed to hear voices from St. Michael, St. Margaret, and St. Catherine. She also claimed to have met Jesus Christ, who told her to start a new Church of New Christianity in Vancouver, a church that taught the real teachings of Jesus Christ, his 2nd coming, the nature of his previous and future incarnations, and how the current generation of born again Christians are not worthy of salvation.

She also wrote The New Bible instructed directly by Jesus Christ to her.

The New Bible

First Chapter: Blessed are the meek

Blessed are those rejected by this world and its people
for they are ones rejected by satan and his people
they are the closest to me
Through them i suffer and they suffer through me
They suffer through Christ and Christ suffers through them
Their souls are the one and the same
Different bodies, one soul
All of them suffer for me
For in suffering are the mysteries revealed to God’s minions
They get closer to God and attain eternal salvation throughout the worlds to
and the worlds that came before this world
Within each world are hidden a thousand worlds of mysteries evermore
The evil people forget these worlds and remain in the physical plane
They become animals or lower beings
The suffering you see of animals
it is their own fault
Through previous lives and their sins overburdened
you see them subjected to the cruelties of nature
Their suffering is a way to purge their sins
and make them come back to me
but alas, most of them prefer being crooked
they prefer being evil, they prefer suffering others and themselves
It may be that the celestial beings are spiritual, not physical
or they may be physical beings intent on evil
The predators and their slaves
Both of them are going through the same trials and tribulations
Do not think that the Predator has won over its prey
For the predator will become prey of its victim later on
Do not laugh and feel joyous when you excel over your enemies
for the joys of success are temporary, and so are their failures
Learn to be generous in victory and patient at losses.
For losses you will incur will be plenty throughout the worlds
Because i designed them in a way that they teach you more than victories
Alas, my servants are bound by this world
and when they are provided pure grace, they reject it
They prefer the life of this fallen world
But the worlds other than this are many and much better

Second Chapter: The Word of God

Shall Remain Forever
My spirit and flesh is gone
but my words shall remain
for in the beginning was the word
and the word was God
and in the end
only the words shall remain
that is the bible in your hands
Prepare for harsh realities
for the believers shall always be suffering
just like their saviour
Never once has my son been in utter bliss
for bliss is for the weak
and suffering is for the strong
the true believers in Christ
Christ, my son
The one who bears burdens of all the worlds that exist
He is the only reason why I haven’t destroyed all the worlds for their iniquities
for even in hell will the evil people commit sins
They will blaspheme against my name
They will blaspheme against the Spirit
The pain and torture never ending
Only Christ will save their souls then
Trembles the world and its spirit
in fear of the Lord
but the humans
they fear God not
How utterly terrible are these people
they rejoice in the world where Christ was crucified
who died for their sins
the same world they have considered their paradise
they commit sins evermore
some of them expect Christ to save them while they keep on sinning
And after, if they are saved, they keep on sinning?
No, Christ will not save such compulsive sinners
who commit every other sin of the flesh
Thinking their life has no meaning other than pleasure
There will be no pleasure in hell
not a single moment!

Third Chapter: Christ cometh again

Christ cometh again, but not to rule the earth!
Christ has been crucified many times before
and he will be crucified many times again
Purging of the sins for the various generations
Do not think of him as crucified one time only
For throughout the history of mankind has he been crucified in many
From Mithra to Osiris to other incarnations
Not always has it been a Crucifixion
sometimes he was stoned
at others his body torn into pieces
For he also sacrifices each time his believer suffers
The persecution of his believers is his persecution
The time has come
for Jesus to come again on earth
to sacrifice for the sins of the people of earth
for the sins of these current generations are many
Will be born as an arab? Or as a jew again?
Or as a hindu or a buddhist? or in an atheist family?
Born in Shinto family? Or the traditional afican folk people?
Only he knows where he will be born
He will sacrifice himself for you
As he has sacrificed himself many times before
History repeats itself
Just as the day comes after night
and the night follows the day
Christ sacrifices himself
and rises up from the dead
It has been happening throughout history
and it will keep on happening
So do not weep at his suffering
And do not rejoice at him rising up
He does it all the time
Each soul is to learn from him
For the souls of living things are so many
Will he be kept at Guantanamo by the modern day Romans?
Or will he be crucified by the arabs in Syria?
Is he here already?
Or will he reveal himself soon?
Most will ignore him
just as they did before
when he was crucified
2000 years ago
Most of you will mock him
just like the people did before
only a few will follow him
but even they will betray him
no one will sacrifice themselves for him
He will suffer alone
for your sins
and he will raise up from the dead again
And this event will happen again
after a few thousand years
History will keep on repeating
For without his continued sacrifices
All humans would have perished
burning in hell for eternities

The Last Chapter: Christ saves people
in hell

Every thousand years or so
Christ goes down to hell
Through his glory
He saves all of those damned
He raises them up
Alone he does it
Believers and unbelievers alike
All are saved
They are either given life on earth to live again
or sent to upper realms if they are believers
The power of Christ is felt
even by Satan himself
He bows down before him
and acknowledges the Christ as Lord
Hell trembles over
and all the angels therein stare in awe
at the sight of the Mighty and Glorious Christ
Glory be to Christ
Our Lord Our Savior
Of all the worlds
There he is down again
The Trumpets in hell are thunderous
whenever Christ arrives there
All the people burning and gnashing their teeths
Feel his power and all their agonies vanish
Christ is your savior
even if you are in hell
Only he is the way out
There is no one else
Hell freezes over
All the fires and torments are quenched
The presence of Christ does it!
Praised be Christ thy God Amen!