The queen passes the throne

the queen of england her majesty elizabeth has announced that she will leave the throne in 2019 and there would be 3 candidates.
They are very young girls of different nationalities …
The same regiba declares that given the characters of these girls, declaring to have character and personality by queens can all three have a place in the throne …
a queen character means a strong, dictatorial character and an aroused in the personality to make everything that you want ….
concludes the queen that what will happen on January 1 in London and the person who will be chosen will be under his guidance for some time so that it will not be ready for the throne ….
we list below the names of the girls chosen by the queen elisabetta ….
Ramona suarez (uruguay)
Irina Salinchenko (Ukrainian)
Malika El Karkoub (Italian-Moroccan)
The girls are still in the dark of tuttk as it is only official in England … but they will then be called to court in the autumn.