Calexico resident fires Mardigra Queen


In a sudden turn of events, Calexico Mardigra Queen Maribel Padilla, was asked by President Donald Trump to resign her post as immigration clerk with Immigration Services.

“Yes I asked her to resign”, said Trump. “You can’t have federal employees talking smack while on the clock. I promised my constituents that I would clean up corruption within the federal government and I started with federal employees who were on Facebook posting while on the clock.”, said Trump.

“President Trump and the Russians conspired against me.”, said Maribel Padilla. “They first hacked my Facebook and posted things without my knowledge.”, said Padilla.

“Our investigation has concluded that the Russians did not attack Maribel Padilla or Hillary Clinton.”, said Trump. “The best part is that she helped me create jobs and because she resigned, she can’t collect unemployment.”, added Trump.