Disney buys 6 companies

Apparently the wallet is still very much open over at Disney, even with the recent news of the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, we thought the House of Mouse couldn’t get any bigger.

True to Disney, that is not the case. It has been announced that Disney will buy 6 companies. It is confirmed that the companies will be Sony Pictures, Rovio, WWE, DC, Mojang, and Valve, and the reported cost for the deal is approximately 65 billion.

“Having 6 more companies as part of the Disney family is very delightful. We could take the company’s products to their full potential.” said Disney representative Yensid Walters. “We have actually been developing a few projects in preparation for this announcement,” he stated.

It is reported that Spider-Man will officially return to the MCU. In addition, characters like Wonder Woman from DC, Alex from Mojang, and Stella from Rovio will become Disney princesses.

“We are very interested in merging some of our franchises, and we have been looking very heavily at the Amalgam line of comics from the 90’s,” said Walters. “The first up to bat is the Adventures of Dark Claw. We also plan to make an extended edition of The Angry Birds Movie, a new Spider-Man movie in the MCU, two Team Fortress movies, a WWE/Mickey Mouse crossover, a James Bond movie, and even a movie featuring all of the Disney-owned characters. We can’t go into too much info right now, but we will be making a formal announcement very soon,” he said.

The acquisition is expected to be complete by mid-2019, which means that it’s starting to look like Disney is starting a nerd-land grab for anything they can purchase. Reports are coming in each hour of new companies that have been added to the Mouse’s utility belt. Please stay tuned as we publish more information on this.