Huge drug sieze operation intervined with medical emergency

Yesterday a planned drug raid as part of operation Lanarkshire was instantaneously interrupted with a medical emergency early hours of the morning. The “meticulously planned” raids aimed to “dismantle” the supply of drugs across the Lanarkshire are, according to Supt Ian Roberts, divisional commander for Newport and Monmouthshire.
He said: “This was part of Operation Lanarkshire, which is the result of many months of meticulous investigation and planning to get to this stage, dismantling and disrupting the organised supply of drugs in the Lanarkshire area.

A total of 11 properties across Glasgow, south Lanarkshire and north Lanarkshire were targeted in the early hours of the morning, said Strathclyde police.
The force had been planning the raids for six months as part of Operation Lanarkshire, an anti-drugs crackdown which has seized Β£10,000 in cash and 700 wraps of Class A drugs to date.

Targeted dealers were saved my mere seconds as police anti drug bust team were met with an ambulance upon entering two streets directly next to each other. The severity of the situation caused police to divert to another home as part of their later planned crackdown. Police were informed of the medical situation and cause along with information of two men attending the hospital with the emergence and acting suspiciously. Strathclyde police are acting fast to crackdown on drugs with their main concern being cocaine as it is “rife within this area”. Suspected drug related medical emergency has confirmed the raid would have been a success and is therefore being used to facilitate future plans.