Man accidentally charged for Masturbatin public

28 old Javier Hernadaz was jogging around his neighborhood when apparently he got pin down bye a police man in the school which he would always walk pass through while jogging. The police man arrest Javier, which then he would later go to court when he was charged for his someone else’s crime.
Javier told the police them he had nothing to do with the incident but they didn’t believe him. 4 Days later they police got the real suspect which was 32 old Adam Brown turns out one of the students in the school took a video of Adam Brown while he was doing the incident, most of the students thought that it was man until a student brought in to the police, after further expectations when they realize that a in the video the man had a tattoo on his neck he was then later arrested when one of the teachers in building caught him in a local store buying lube. Turns out that the man drove bye the school and didn’t relized it then suddenly when he had a euge to jerk off. He wasn’t all alone because there was a class outside playing soccer when one of the students pull out their phone when the coach look at the car and saw him doing the deed he told the police man at the school after he realized he was in trouble he drove off. Adam was then charged for his crimes, while Javier was send free and the charges against him dropped. Adam will be going to court on August 24