McDonald’s planning to shut down

It has come to everyone’s surprise that the world’s largest restaurant chain, which goes by the name of McDonald’s will be going out of business after the company’s recent acquisition by Yum! Brands.

It is also confirmed that the employees and workers will start to heavily focus more on the Yum! Brands-owned fast food companies, which are KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, rather than the soon-to-be-defunct fast food chain.

It has also been confirmed that all of the company’s restaurants worldwide will be demolished permanently and to fill in the gap, a new Burger King restaurant, a new Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant, and a new Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant will be built.

“We are very sorry, but it’s for the best to shut down what was the world’s largest restaurant chain after it being purchased.” said Steve Easterbrook, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s.

It has also been said that the closing of the chain can also jeopardize tens of millions of jobs worldwide and that there will be a funeral shown on national television in the United States on the final day.

The loss of the company will change the restaurant industry, as the crown will pass on to KFC, meaning that the company will instantly become the world’s largest fast food chain after the shutdown of McDonald’s.