“Greater integration” in Italy maths becomes international

(In the photo, Emma Bonino, leader of “+ Europa”)
The most important problem in Italy is the immigration by North African citizens, and there are two different formation about that in the country: the formation of right, whose leader is Matteo Salvini, Secretary of the “Lega Nord” party, that says that the immigrants have to return in their country, and the formation of left, which does not have a real leader, but is captained by Maurizio Martina’s democratic party, that says that Italy have to receive immigrants. Emma Bonino, leader of “+ Europa”, a left party, yesterday morning proposed a law of government that would lead to an increase in hours of lessons in all schools, the subject that will be added to the calendar will be “Arabic numbers”, a subject that, according to Senator Bonino, serves for greater integration between the students, inhabitants of our future, who are living in a period where hate is everywhere. The law is under approval, most likely will be approved, and each upper class will have to face the study: for those who attend a class from the second to the fifth, will have to take a refresher course to get to the right level to continue the study. On the other hand, the fifth higher students will have a test on the Arabic numbers, instead of the INVALSI tests, which is essential to arrive at the sufficiency, as it will be the test that will give the most points. In Italy are trying to maintain the utmost secrecy on the thing until it is approved, not to create riots among the citizens, but abroad the news has become widespread, and is on everyone’s lips, even in the European Parliament we talked about it, at the end of the speech Italy received applause from all the leaders of the other states of the Union, congratulating for their maturity.