Scotland Neck to Host First Annul Crack Fest on the 8th of October

The Scotland Neck Chamber of Commerce and local businessmen/pharmacy techs are sponsoring the first annual crack fest in Scotland Neck. The events will start with a car stereo scavenger hunt with points being awarded by the amount of cash the radios/speakers are sold for. The most popular event will probably be the fun run. On the fun run participants will be seeing how many cell phones/GPSes/and loose change can be acquired from occupied/unoccupied vehicles. Vendors will be on site selling plastic for attendees to cover their windows with in case of inclimate weather.

Trash pickup has been delayed for one week to help promote the OPTIAPO(One persons trash is another persons opportunity) event. Attendees will be judged on their ability to sell items that they scrounge out or others trash. Points will be given for orginiality and for determiniation.

Visitors are asked not to bring in white aquarium rocks or painted gravel to keep from taunting the attendees. Peanut brittle, cracklins, cotton candy, and snow cones will be sold by local vendors.